We are happy to recommend Chris and her team at Connect Realty to anybody who has a rental property that needs managing. They were efficient in finding good tenants and followed up with in-depth inspections on a regular basis. Any maintenance that was required was attended to and managed in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner. We were consulted on all major decisions and were confident to let them handle any smaller issues. As we lived some distance from our rental property it was important to us that we had a company we could trust to care for our investment and Connect Realty fitted the bill perfectly.

Dinah and Greg

We went to Connect Realty to act as our agent for a property we purchased in Mount Maunganui. Prior to going to connect Realty we had chosen to look after the property ourselves which in hindsight did not work out well.

Connect Realty as our agent took over liaising with the tenant immediately following up with all outstanding issues at that time in a professional manner. Connect realty has since handled all details needed in relation to the property which included organising repairs to the property, finding new tenants etc.

We now have time to concentrate on enjoying life now that we have Connect Realty looking after all the issues that may come up in relation to our rental property. We would recommend Connect Realty to anyone needing an agent for their rental property.

Jane Searle, Accountant, first credit union

12 months ago Chris provided accurate and timely rental market analysis to assist us successfully purchase and let our new property.

Chris has an intuitive understanding to get the right type of resident for our home.

Donna & I are delighted with our association with her business and have no hesitation recommending her to others.

We are happy to discuss this further with anyone 😉

Kind regards,
Alan & Donna Quaife

Chris Jenkins has looked after the property management of my seven Nautilus apartments in Tauranga for 3 years.

She does a fantastic job ensuring they are consistently rented and attends to all the maintenance issues of the apartments promptly and efficiently.

As I am based in Ireland she takes all the stress away and is capable of making decisions on my behalf to keep everything running smoothly.

I highly recommend Chris to any landlord wishing to have their property managed.

Aidan Harrison
Director Channor NZ Ltd


I have total confidence in having Connect Realty manage my properties. They consistently select good people for tenants. I could say that Connect manage arrears really well, but I wouldn’t know, I don’t have any. Maybe that’s a result of good selection or good management.  All I know is that I consistently deal with the same person and simply don’t have rental problems.

I leave Connect to do the management, and that’s what they do.

Peter Axelrad
Mount Maunganui


I own a rental property in Tauranga and live an hours drive away.  I rented out my property for 10 years myself and although mostly it was drama fee, there was always the job of getting over for house inspections, interviewing new tenants and checking out the old ones…

Since I have been with Connect Realty, these hassles are in the capable care of Chris and Nicky and they are doing a great job.  Inspections are regular and small repairs etc addressed as soon as possible. They choose tenants with a good track record and deal with any issues that arise quickly and professionally.  Payments to me are regular and the girls are always on hand if I have any questions.

Debbie Tasker


Great people.  Our agent Chris Jenkins is as good as agents can possibly get. Keeps us informed at all times of the condition of our rentals and the degree of satisfaction of the tenants. Don’t think you could do any better than you are already doing.

Serge Delia


I find the service that Connect Realty provides is wonderful. It gives us peace of mind knowing that our property is being carefully managed with regular inspections and when things do go wrong, they step in and ensure both the renter and owners requirements are taken care of.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Connect Realty to any prospective rental owner.

Ross Macfarlane


Chris is great at filtering good prospective tenants.  She always gives useful and honest feedback. Always gives honest and constructive advice about tenants, property and condition of the house. Chris is straight talking, advocating  for both landlord and tenant, making her an excellent property manager.

Kay Wallace


Chris Jenkins has been managing my rental property in Papamoa since Late December 2015. During a recent episode with the “tenant from Hell” her experience and by-the-book approach resulted in a successful Tribunal ruling and eviction – something I would not have been confident handling myself. Chris is professional, efficient and reliable – with a no-nonsense approach that keeps things running smoothly and the rent being paid on time – exactly what you want in a property Manager.

Mike McCarthy


Chris and her team have managed my rental property in Tauranga for five years. During that period the house was never empty, there were four changes of tenancy over the period and every time the new tenants moved in a day or two after the incumbents departed.

I am in the military and am often overseas and un-contactable, Chris dealt with all tenant issues and arranged maintenance, and contractor access with minimal input from me, which was excellent. Chris managed steady rent increases and tenants were always vetted so no issues with missed rent or damage.

Chris was also very helpful when it came time for me to sell the property, allowing access for estate agents and helping to smooth things over with the tenants during the sale process.

I would highly recommend Chris and her team to any investors who need reliable management of their property with minimal input.

Kind regards,
Nick Foster