I hereby declare to the best of my knowledge that the information I have provided in this Application is true, accurate, complete and correct at the date of this application. If any information provided is determined to be false or untrue, such statements will be grounds for disapproval of my Application and/or breach of any potential future contract(s) with the landlord/agent. I understand and agree that this Application does not constitute a lease agreement, and that the landlord/agent may accept more than one Application for the Property, of which the most suitably qualified applicant will be selected at the landlord/agents discretion. I hereby authorize the landlord/agent to verify the information provided to assess my suitability for the property, such as but not limited to; previous rental history, credit worthiness ( credit checks ), employment status and referees. Connect Realty has a Zero policy for rent arrears and 14day notices will be sent out when rent is 2 days or more in arrears.

For the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993: This application form collects information about you. This information is required to:
Assess your eligibility as a tenant; & Collect information, which would be provided, to a Tenant Default database or credit bureau if you enter into a Tenancy Agreement and fail to comply with the term of that agreement. (A tenant default database records the names of people who have been found to breach a Tenancy Agreement or the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 (and any amendments) by the Tenancy Tribunal.) The information in this Tenant application form will, if you enter into a Tenancy Agreement with us, be held on a database and used by us and/or by the owner of the rented property. You have the right to see the information held about you by any credit bureau or Tenant Default database and to correct it in accordance with the Privacy Act.