Is Your Property Investment Safe Without Working Smoke Alarms?

Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm

They answer is a definite No!

Investment properties can be a high fire risk because of tenant behaviour, and many tenants may not even consider smoke alarms as necessary because they are not thinking about the real cost of a fire, this includes putting lives at risk and the value of YOUR investment.

Often the tenant is placing faith in you to provide a safe tenancy for them. Whereas some properties already have a legal requirement to have smoke alarms installed – we believe ALL properties should have smoke alarms installed.

In addition to safety, after a fire the tenant is gone but your bills and expenses will continue all the same. So you should not leave the protection of your asset to your tenant because they do not have to pay the bills or the bank!

For a relatively small price, a working smoke alarm can save your tenants life and protect your property and investment.

At Connect Realty we deal with a company called NSAS (National Smoke Alarm Services). NSAS will provide an annual maintenance service, free battery replacements, testing of all alarms, unlimited inspections and more.

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