New Standards For Insulating Your Rental Property

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Winter sees temperatures dropping all over the country, and many of us will turn on the heatpump, light the fire, or look for alternative heat sources to heat our home.  New Zealand homes have a history of being cold with poor insulation, single-glazing, and inefficient heat sources. Unfortunately cold homes create all sorts of problems, not the least being health problems associated with dampness and cold air.

Warmer, drier homes provide real advantages, besides the obvious health benefits, you will also have happy healthy tenants who are more likely to become long term renters.

In 2016 the government introduced new standards for insulating rental properties and landlords had until July 1st of this year to ensure their rental properties have floor and ceiling insulation where possible.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) estimated up to 100,000 properties did not meet the standards.  Landlords now face a $4000 fine if their properties are not properly insulated.

Despite shortages and insulation providers struggling to meet demand, MBIE has said it would not be granting extensions.

Landlords are required to install ceiling and underfloor insulation wherever they can. Wall insulation is not compulsory under the new rules.

The Tenancy Tribunal has set different standards of insulation depending on where in the country the property is.  Zones 1 and 2 encapsulate the majority of the North Island (including Tauranga) and require minimum “R-values” – a heat resistant flow measure – of 2.9 for ceilings and 1.3 for underfloor insulation.

Tenants who want their homes insulated or believe the current insulation isn’t up to standard are encouraged to approach us in the first instance or you can contact the Tenancy Tribunal for clarity around the new standards.

Some other basic steps you can take include providing thermal drapes, blocking drafts under doors and around windows, wrapping hot water cylinders, replacing old carpet with a quality underlay and carpet, and installing a heat pump or other energy-efficient heat source in the living area. Many landlords are also investing in heat panels for hallways and bedrooms of cold homes, these take the chill out of the air and can be run by a timer.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the new standards and your responsibility as a landlord and/or how you can make your property a healthier home.

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How To Be The Best Applicant For A Rental Property

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Ever wondered why some people find it easier to get a rental property than others?  At Connect Realty we pride ourselves on managing quality properties across Tauranga, Papamoa, and Mt Maunganui, and having quality tenants in them.  That means we vet all potential tenants to make sure we find the right candidate for the homes we manage.

If you are finding it difficult to get accepted by rental agencies or keep missing out on the best homes available, then we have some top tips that may just help.


Property Managers and landlords like to see references. Make sure you choose referees who are in respected positions (e.g. landlord, employer, community group leader). Friends or family, no matter how much they love you, do not make good referees.  We recommend getting a reference every time you vacate a home and keep these for each new landlord or property manager to see.  Provide contact details and make sure they know they may be called.


Having a pet means you will be limited in which properties you can rent.  If you don’t have them already then we recommend not getting a pet as it makes it very hard to get a property.  The main reasons are potential damage from accidents inside, pet fur and/or hair in carpet and mess they can cause around the outside of a property.  Even if your current landlord is ok with pets, your next one may not be so keen.


We recommend that you consider quitting.  There are few landlords or property managers who are happy to place tenants in a home when they are smokers.  Smoking inside properties causes lots of problems, especially smell.  There are free online quit programmes that can help you, and local support groups as well.  Some apartment complexes also ban smoking from balconies and decks.

Appearance & Attitude

The saying goes you can tell a lot about a person by the way they present themselves.  If you want to impress property managers or landlords then we recommend you turn up on time, dress nicely, and be honest.  Property managers and landlords are busy people too, they don’t want to wait around for applicants who don’t show the courtesy of showing up on time.

At Connect Realty we strive to be open and honest to all applicants and tenants, and if we suspect you are not telling the truth we will not rent to you. So be open and honest during the application process.  Provide all the information you are asked for.  The more thorough you are, the more seriously your application will be considered.

We also recommend that you ask questions.  The rental relationship has to work two ways.  You need to be able to communicate with the landlord, and they with you.  If you ask questions you will both be able to better assess how that relationship might go.

If you’re looking for a rental property in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui or Papamoa then have a look through our properties for rent tab on our website –  If you see a property you are interested in viewing please phone for the address.  We will walk you through our application process from there.

Customer Service Key To Successful Property Managers

A recent article in ‘’ highlighted the importance of consumer relationships and customer service in the real estate industry. While Australia is weathering a property downturn, their Real Estate Institute revealed that hard work and maintaining a high reputation is helping property managers through a difficult period.

A survey sent out to institute members showed that there was a real focus on customer service including follow-up, connecting with people and establishing a personal and agency reputation.

This focus had improved their reputation for honesty, integrity, professionalism, a community focus and local knowledge.

Key skills were hard work, self-drive and extended working hours and taking the time to build relationships in their community.

We at Connect Realty understand the importance of our relationship with you the client, and our focus is to provide you with “superior” customer service. As property managers, we aim to take all the stress away for both landlords and tenants with renting a property and make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

Also, as a locally owned and operated business we have a wealth of local knowledge, combined with extensive real estate and property management experience. Through this experience and local knowledge, we have developed an intuitive understanding of what you require and we aim to build a long-lasting relationship with you.

Besides an up-to-date website, Facebook page and a free-phone number, we also provide our mobile number for an easy point of contact. With our professional efficiency, we will go out of our way to talk or meet with you at all times of the day.

As the Australian Real Estate Institute highlighted, hard work and strong communication with clients are key to success, and they are the cornerstones of our business that we will continue to focus on in the future.

Why Use Property Managers

It has been an interesting year for landlords with new legislation and differing housing markets across the country.  Given the uncertainties that exist for property investors, there is even more reason to utilise experienced local property managers when buying an investment property. Here are some key reasons why you should choose Connect Realty as your Tauranga property manager:

  1. We know the area well.  With our local Tauranga knowledge and many years of property experience, we can ensure you are getting the best return for your investment.
  2. We specialise in property, we know and understand the new legislation and have access to all the necessary documentation that is required for both landlords and tenants.
  3. We offer free appraisals and advice on where and what to buy.
  4. We market your property for you, taking away the stress of dealing with internet listing issues and enquiries.
  5. We have one flat rate that includes everything, with no hidden costs or commissions.
  6. With market-leading software systems, we deliver up to the minute reporting.
  7. We inspect the property every three months and provide comprehensive inspection reports so you know exactly what state your property is in.
  8. We are the main contact for both tenants and landlords.  This helps keep the line of communication open.
  9. As well as regular property inspections, we also organise all maintenance and repairs with a team of dedicated contractors working for us at competitive rates.
  10. We strive to provide you with a property management service of unbeatable quality, and we are happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy after the first three months of management.

If you have a property you would like to rent we would love to hear from you.

Boom Time In Tauranga

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Tauranga is continuing with its housing and economic boom.  As an example, in the last month Tauranga’s newest mega-mall opened its doors to 1000 employees.  The mega-mall has 45 new stores, 17 restaurants, and a stunning 800-seat cinema. This is stage two of the $150 million development.

Tauranga Crossing opened its doors with an outdoor town centre and The Millyard dining precinct in August 2016. The lifestyle centre opened in 2018, bringing some of New Zealand and the world’s large retail stores to the area. The first part of our fully enclosed shopping centre opened in October 2018.

On completion, the 47,000sq m shopping complex will house up to 70 fashion, general merchandise, and service retailers.  Some of the big names of the fashion industry can already be found at the mall including global fashion retailer H&M, Decjuba, Pagani, Cotton On and Bras N Things.

When finished a two-level centre galleria and dining area will include 29 restaurants and eateries.  The Event Cinemas in the entertainment precinct will feature an 800-seat cinema with Vmax screen, full recliner chairs and double daybeds!

Tauranga Crossing is set to become the region’s ultimate retail destination. Designed with Tauranga’s celebrated sunny climate and lifestyle in mind, it’s a relaxed yet comfortably stylish destination to shop, eat and play in the bay. Check it out today –