Consider Long Term Stability Over Quick Gains for Holiday Property Rentals

Around the holiday season every year many property owners and managers in the Tauranga and Mount Maunganui area have the same discussion.  Shall we take the big bucks of short term summer holiday bookings, or stick to longer term 6-12 month leases?

View from a managed apartment in Mt Maunganui We normally recommend long term tenants over holiday bookings as they tend to offer more security and over a period of time the returns aren’t that different.  When you hear about huge amounts being paid for a single night, weekend or week it can be tempting.  However these bookings may only last for a couple of weeks and then you could have extended periods where you have to find a more permanent tenant.

Holiday rentals can work well for people who have their own apartment or house where they want to gain some extra income by renting when they are not using the property themselves.  If you are serious about your property portfolio as a long-term investment, then take the safer option and focus on good long-term tenants.  Different clients have different goals and we are always happy to discuss your options and share our property management expertise.