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The official start of Summer is only a couple of weeks away and once again the Bay is ready for a summer full of events and visitors. Even though we don’t have the annual cruise ships this year, there a many Kiwi’s exploring the country and we expect lots of these local tourists to explore our amazing Region.

As we have spoken about in previous blogs, rental properties are still in short supply in the Bay area (this includes rental properties in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa areas). We have many fantastic tenants waiting for their ideal home, this includes houses, units, and apartments both furnished and unfurnished.

With low-interest rates now is a great time to think about property investment and a great time to rent out that bach or second home that doesn’t get used as often as you would like. The returns on investment are excellent, and with our flat-rate Property Management fee, we can guarantee what your rental return will be. Furthermore, we have a strict selection process for screening tenants and we have regular comprehensive property inspections using the latest property management software.

If you choose to use us as your Property Managers, we have a secure Landlord Access Portal that you can access anytime from anywhere. This portal will provide you with tenancy information, from income and expenditure reports to tenancy details, at any time.

Our expertise includes over 20 years of real estate knowledge for the Bay area. We are a privately owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on our fantastic and friendly service.

So, if you have a property you would like to rent, or if you are considering becoming a property investor in the Bay area, give us a call today. We can walk you through the steps of what you need to do, including any legal requirements, discuss rental returns, and set you up with the perfect tenants as soon as you’re ready!

Freephone 0800 333 221

REAL Landlord Insurance Offered to Connect Landlords

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As professional property managers, we do our utmost to ensure all the appropriate measures are taking to avoid the need for insurance claims.  Unfortunately, there are factors out of our control such as ‘third parties’ and unforeseen events. If you don’t have Landlord Insurance you might like to call us and find out how it can help you keep your rental under control. We can send you some useful information about our recommendation, REAL Landlord Insurance, which we believe to be the best insurance policy offered to landlords in New Zealand. It is exclusively offered ONLY to owners who have their property managed by a professional property manager.

‘REAL’ have developed a Landlord Preferred Policy, which is designed for Landlords of residential rental properties that are managed by an approved Property Management Company, such as Connect Realty, it provides cover that compliments your house insurance including:

• Loss of rent (More than 97% of claims have been for the loss of rent suffered by Landlords)

• Intentional damage (your building insurance may not cover the entire loss caused by damage by the tenant)

• Legal Liabilities

…and much more.

This Landlord Protection Insurance is preferred by the Real Estate Institute and is underwritten by NZI, a business division of IAG New Zealand.

Please ask for a more in-depth handout that you can revise in order to better inform yourselves of the policy benefits. We also will talk to you about premium costs/charges and the uniquely tailored Building Cover available.

Your policy and renewals will be managed by us, to protect you.   So give the team at Connect Realty a call today to discuss insuring your investment property 0800 333 221.

New Standards For Insulating Your Rental Property

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Winter sees temperatures dropping all over the country, and many of us will turn on the heatpump, light the fire, or look for alternative heat sources to heat our home.  New Zealand homes have a history of being cold with poor insulation, single-glazing, and inefficient heat sources. Unfortunately cold homes create all sorts of problems, not the least being health problems associated with dampness and cold air.

Warmer, drier homes provide real advantages, besides the obvious health benefits, you will also have happy healthy tenants who are more likely to become long term renters.

In 2016 the government introduced new standards for insulating rental properties and landlords had until July 1st of this year to ensure their rental properties have floor and ceiling insulation where possible.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) estimated up to 100,000 properties did not meet the standards.  Landlords now face a $4000 fine if their properties are not properly insulated.

Despite shortages and insulation providers struggling to meet demand, MBIE has said it would not be granting extensions.

Landlords are required to install ceiling and underfloor insulation wherever they can. Wall insulation is not compulsory under the new rules.

The Tenancy Tribunal has set different standards of insulation depending on where in the country the property is.  Zones 1 and 2 encapsulate the majority of the North Island (including Tauranga) and require minimum “R-values” – a heat resistant flow measure – of 2.9 for ceilings and 1.3 for underfloor insulation.

Tenants who want their homes insulated or believe the current insulation isn’t up to standard are encouraged to approach us in the first instance or you can contact the Tenancy Tribunal for clarity around the new standards.

Some other basic steps you can take include providing thermal drapes, blocking drafts under doors and around windows, wrapping hot water cylinders, replacing old carpet with a quality underlay and carpet, and installing a heat pump or other energy-efficient heat source in the living area. Many landlords are also investing in heat panels for hallways and bedrooms of cold homes, these take the chill out of the air and can be run by a timer.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding the new standards and your responsibility as a landlord and/or how you can make your property a healthier home.

Preparing Your Rental Property For Tenants

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We have rented some absolutely stunning Tauranga homes over the years, and we pride ourselves on only managing quality properties and fantastic tenants!  One thing we always ensure is that our rental properties are in a great shape before we advertise them.  Of course we can get very fussy on what we consider ‘great shape’, so we have outlined some of the recommendations we make to landlords for getting their rental property looking its best (after all, first impressions count!).

The outside of the property

It may take a day or two to get the outside of your property looking its best, but this is where first impressions are made.  In fact, you will be surprised how many potential tenants judge a house purely by what they see from the road.  So we do recommend giving your house strong street appeal.  Some easy tasks to carry out include:

  • Washing the house down – either water blast or use a hose and brush.
  • Removing cobwebs – these can be a real eye sore.  If they are persistent consider a professional insect spraying company.
  • Mowing the lawns – an obvious job but makes all the difference.
  • Weeding the garden and removing ugly trees that block windows, light and views.

We also recommend washing windows inside and out – for the best result use a commercial window cleaning company, this can also save a lot of time.

The inside of your property

Once a tenant enters your property they want to see it is warm, light and of course clean.  While this may require some good lighting or a fresh paint job, there are some easy tasks that help make your property more attractive:

  • Clean windows, blinds, curtains etc – mouldy windowsills and window covers are a big turn off.  Make sure you check all the windows and if necessary give the windowsill a lick of fresh paint.
  • Carpet clean and floors polished – again we recommend commercial cleaning companies over trying to do this yourself.  This ensures a professional job and better finish.
  • Clean and polish bathrooms – tapware can easily be made to shine with a quick clean and dry and shower doors look so much better when clean and sparkling.
  • Heat pumps cleaned and filter cleaned
  • Fireplace cleaned – use a professional chimney flue cleaner.
  • Heaters dusted and checked.

At Connect Realty we have some fantastic maintenance companies that we regularly use, so once your property is tenanted we ensure it stays in great shape.  Give us a call if you require more assistance 0800 333 221.


Property managers Connect Realty give tips for helping kids adjust to new home

5 Tips for Helping Kids Adjust To A New Home

Property managers Connect Realty give tips for helping kids adjust to new home

Papamoa is proving to be a very popular location for families, with people shifting there from all over the North Island to enjoy the warm climate, the beaches, and the lifestyle this area offers. Over the last 10 years especially there has been a huge increase in subdivisions, commercial development and of course population. This has resulted in new schools, new shops, new sports clubs and a whole new way of life for those families arriving in the district.

But relocating your family is not always a straight forward process.  The adjustment is often stressful for all those involved, especially children.  Children not only have to say goodbye to their old house, school and friends, but they also have to meet new teachers, make new friends and adjust to a new bedroom and a new house.

We deal with many families through our Papamoa Property Management service, many who are new to the Bay of Plenty region.  To help navigate the moving process with children we provide the following tips:


1.Talk To Your Children About The Move & Stay Positive

Make sure you are open with communication.  Listen to any fears or concerns your children may have and come up with solutions to ease any anxiety. Also make sure you speak positively about the transition.  If you act excited about the new adventure then hopefully your children will too.


  1. Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Children are creatures of comfort, so having some of your their favourite things around the house or in their room will help them feel comfortable in their new surroundings. This could be a poster on their wall, a favourite stuffed animal or a photo of their old friends.


  1. Be a Tourist In Your New Area

Once you arrive take your children to local attractions, like the Papamoa Plaza, Thursday Night Market, a walk along Papamoa beach. Show them what makes their new home so appealing.


  1. Help Build Your Children’s Social Network

We encourage families to get involved with local sports, clubs and activities.  This will not only help your children make new friends in the neighbourhood and at school, but will also introduce you to new families in your area.


  1. Be Patient And Understanding

Lastly, be patient with your children.  Be sure to give them time to adjust to their new home and their new friends. They may not adjust as quickly as you, often it can take a few months to settle in and feel at home with a new area, but it will eventually happen.


To learn more about Papamoa and other Bay of Plenty districts, such as Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, call us at Connect Realty.  We offer investment property and rental property advice for these areas  and property management services.

Connect Realty Blog image for Four Tips To Make Your Rental Property More Inviting

Four Tips To Make Your Rental Property More Inviting

Connect Realty Blog image for Four Tips To Make Your Rental Property More Inviting

Some property investors make the mistake of thinking that every house they buy will be snapped up for rent, but this doesn’t always happen.  Your property may look old and tired, seem cold, or it could lack street appeal.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to your rental property to increase its rent appeal:

Update Bathrooms and Kitchen

An ugly, outdated bathroom and kitchen makes a house unappealing and will pull down your rental property’s value in the long term. By updating key items such as vanities, bench tops, cabinets and fixtures your property will look modern, fresh, clean and more attractive to potential tenants.

Renovations don’t have to be expensive.  We often share blog posts from interior designers, decorators and inspiring renovation tips from around the world that don’t involve a lot of money.  Think a coat of paint on the walls or cabinet doors, new retro or modern fixtures and handles and a colourful splash-back for the kitchen. Google ‘Update your kitchen/bathroom on a budget’ to get inspired.


Good quality, well installed insulation is a necessity in all homes, and a real advantage when renting out a property.  Good insulation will make it easier and cheaper to heat your rental house properly, and more comfortable and healthy for tenants to live in.   Conversely, sub-standard insulation can result in your property becoming damp and attracting mould.

There is funding available for older homes and if your main tenant has a Community Services Card. To find out if you qualify for any government assistance you will need to contact an insulation service provider in your area. Some local councils and banks also have payment options available to help with the cost of installing insulation and heating.

If you are considering the DIY approach, everything you need to know about installing insulation can be found at this link New Zealand Standard NZS 4246:2006 Installing insulation in residential buildings. It’s easy to follow and it’s free to download.

Also consider quality window coverings, such as thermal lined drapes, if your home is an older home.


Choosing an efficient heating system for your rental property is important for your tenants and also for future re-sell value of your property.

There are lots of heating options for homes, from wood burners and pellet burners to heat pumps and panel heaters.  It’s important to match the size of the system to the space that needs heating and to consider all rooms in the house.  While some heating solutions will have a larger outlay at the beginning they will also add considerable value to your property in the longer term.

If your home provides modern efficient heating you are more likely to attract a quality long-term tenant for your property.

Curb appeal

It’s important to make a first impression. If the outside of your rental property is overgrown and/or dirty in any way potentially great tenants may just walk away.  We recommend you tidy your section before renting out your property e.g. mow and edge your grass, pull out weeds, fix any broken or damaged exterior fixtures, paint tired looking doors or outside areas, and make sure the shed is clutter free.

Most property owners use a property maintenance company to mow the lawns etc, this can be factored in when doing your rent appraisal.

The above tips can increase your chance of renting out your investment property and boost your property’s value.  For more property investment tips and advice call or email Chris atConnect Realty today.


Keeping In Touch – Connect Realty Newsletter August 2014

August Newsletter banner for Connect Realty

August 2014

It might still be cold, it might still be wet, but the evenings are lengthening, we can wave goodbye to the winter blues and warmly welcome the arrival of spring with its promise of longer, warmer days, there is a renewed sense of optimism and energy about.

Investing in Rental Property

Whether you are starting out with one property investment, or have a portfolio of rental properties, Connect Realty will partner with you every step of the way.

When investing in Rental property the ideal investor should have a team of professionals working with you –Your Property Manager, Accountant, Solicitor and Financial Mortgage Adviser.

It is helpful that your Financial Adviser understands and knows your property portfolio and your investment strategy. Are you wanting to obtain cash flow through your investments or grow your wealth or a mixture of the two?

There are some amazing opportunities out there with good returns and capital gain – the latest Quotable Value report show value of property in Tauranga still increasing slightly and still up year on year at 5.6% whereas other areas have gone backwards

As a property investor you need to think about your rental investment as a business, and to also protect your investment, this is where having a property manager takes out that uncomfortable part of being a “landlord” when it comes time to rent reviews, inspections etc.

If you would like some advice from a Registered Financial Adviser Call Robyn Johnston from the Loan Market

021 722 043
She is accredited with many Lenders and can assist with getting the loan application prepared to get you a Preapproval for your rental property purchase. Her disclosure document is available on request.


Bay of Plenty Rental Stats 2014


If you are looking at increasing your Rental Portfolio or know anyone who is please contact us, we offer a Free Rental Appraisal Service. 

We do have a few Landlords with investment properties wanting to sell with good tenants in occupation, if this interests you, please give us a call.

Connect Realty  0800 333 221




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What Property Managers Can Do For You

House for rent picture to illustrate property manager blog

Use a Property Manager for your investment. Photo/ FreeDigitalPhotos

If you have recently purchased an investment property in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa and don’t want the hassle of finding and managing tenants yourself, then our Property Management service is a great option for you. Connect Realty Property Managers let you enjoy the benefits of property investment without the stress.

Why Use Property Managers?

Buying a residential investment property is the first, and often the easiest, step of property investment. Once you have purchased your new property you then need to ask yourself – are you ready for the trials and tribulations of tenancy?

The process of tenanting a house can be more complicated than people appreciate. Firstly, you must advertise, meet and screen people, to make sure you get the most suitable tenants. Next you have to negotiate your way through contracts, agreements, money transactions and more, to ensure you have an appropriate rental agreement with your tenant. Lastly, there are the property inspections and maintenance work that will need to be regularly carried out to ensure your property remains in the state you bought it.

Sounding too complicated? If you’re not careful, managing your own investment property can turn into a full time job. That is why most people hand the management over to an experienced property management company such as Connect Realty.
Connect Realty property managers have a passion for the business, and provide a high quality property management service to clients.

Connect Realty Property Management Services Include:

  • A free Rental Appraisal on the potential rental value of your property
  • Marketing of your property on four web sites
  • A strict selection process involving stringent screening of tenants
  • Landlord Access Portal software that enables online access for landlords 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.
  • Flat fee rate for landlords with no hidden costs.
  • Regular property inspections using Inspection Manager software to take photos of a property, add comments, and update new information – including any maintenance requirements. This information is then used for ongoing routine inspection
  • And much more.

    Choose Connect Realty

    Connect Realty provide a professional property management service to clients in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa. The are registered with the REAA and licensed and also members of REINZ. They will obtain the maximum returns with minimal expenditure, making sure your investment is not under rented. In fact they are so confident that you will appreciate their service that they offer a “3 month money back guarantee” if you are not completely happy.

    So call them today to get the most out of your property investment – 0800 333 221

    30,000 New Homes Needed – Bay of Plenty Times Article

    An estimated 30,000 new homes will need to be built in Tauranga to deal with a predicted population explosion. Picture from Bay of Plenty Times

    An estimated 30,000 new homes will need to be built in Tauranga to deal with a predicted population explosion.

    An estimated 30,000 new homes will be built in Tauranga by 2041 to deal with a predicted population explosion, a council report reveals.

    The population of about 120,000 people is expected to jump 45 per cent to an estimated 175,000, according to SmartGrowth data.

    The information was included in the Tauranga Transport Strategy, presented to and adopted by the city council yesterday.

    Many of the new homes would be built in Papamoa, Pyes Pa, Welcome Bay and Ohauiti, Pukemapu and traditionally popular suburbs such as Mount Maunganui.

    Council infrastructure planning team leader Philip King, who presented the transport strategy to councillors, said forecasted housing and commercial growth would result in traffic congestion on key roads in the next 30 years.

    The congestion would undermine access to the port, which played a big part on the region’s economy, he said.

    The strategy highlighted other roading issues associated with the predicted growth such as accidents, public transport use, rail and infrastructure management.

    It included a long-term plan to increase the percentage of freight carried via rail to remove trucks from the roads, including a new rail bridge crossing from Tauranga to Mount Maunganui, offering fast access to the port.

    The need for a dual-track rail corridor would be explored, along with electrification of the rail network, the strategy says.

    The report highlights the possibility of exploring other transport options such as a city-wide ferry service and ways to encourage people to use other modes of transport besides private vehicles.

    Mr King said Tauranga survey data suggested 98 per cent of all trips in Tauranga were in a private car, between 9 and 33 per cent higher than centres such as Hamilton and Christchurch.

    Where they’ll go:
    11,400 homes are pegged for parts of Papamoa, Wairakei and Te Tumu
    8600 houses to be built in Pyes Pa, Welcome Bay and Ohauiti and Pukemapu.

    8300 dwellings would be built within traditionally popular suburbs such as Mount Maunganui onsubdividable sections.

    About 1700 would be built in Bethlehem

    An estimated further 14,500 houses would have to be built in the city in the decade following 2041.

    “Council should … where possible, minimise parking in new developments to support public transport, provide facilities on bus routes, and consider the proximity of new housing developments to bus stops,” he said.

    Mayor Stuart Crosby told the Bay of Plenty Times the transport strategy was one piece of work to future proof the city.

    “This work was not done in the ’70s and’80s … We want to know what is predicted to happen so we will have time to intervene and stay ahead of the game and address the issues.”

    Mr Crosby said the council would have to consider public transport, roading and rail as the city grows.


    Time To Invest In Tauranga Rental Property

    Mount Maunganui from Pilot Bay

    A recent article in the Bay of Plenty Times outlined why now is the perfect time to invest in property in Tauranga and surrounding areas such as Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.

    The article stated that there is a deepening rental shortage, following on from the release of Trade Me figures showing demand for accommodation in these areas continues to outstrip supply. The figures show the supply of available rental properties dropped by 18 per cent in the October-December quarter while demand ballooned by 17 per cent for the same period, and the average weekly rent also jumped by 18 per cent.

    The shortage can be attributed to two factors, firstly the city’s rapid growth, and secondly the Reserve Bank’s restriction on loan-to-value ratio (LVR) lending. Nationwide the LVR restriction has prevented many first-home buyers from entering the real estate market and has forced them to continue renting. This has resulted in renters that are desperate for decent accommodation.

    We find that renters come from all over, including Auckland, Hamilton and Australia. Mount Maunganui and Papamoa rentals are especially popular for these new residents, and the Pyes Pa area has also seen a huge growth in terms of demand this year. Summer is usually the most popular time, with families wanting to find a home before the school year begins.

    If you are considering purchasing investment property in Tauranga, Papamoa and the Mount Maunganui areas, call Chris or Nicky for more information about the best places to buy, rental returns for the area and more.

    Given the rental situation is nearly at crisis level, now is the perfect time to buy!