Tips for Selecting a Property Manager

When selecting the right Property Manager to manage your investment property it’s important that you consider the following factors:

  • That your Property Manager accurately appraises your rental property to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment.
  • That the turn around time to rent your property to quality tenants is fast and efficient, keeping your vacancy period to a minimum.
  • That your Property Manager understands the importance of good service and presentation to attract the right tenant, who in turn will pay the rent on time and respect the property.
  • That your Property Management company knows the importance of thorough tenant screening and also induction processes, to ensure new tenants are well educated on expectations and tenancy laws.
  • That the Property Manager believes that the rent must be paid on time every time and educates the Tenant accordingly.
  • That all repairs and maintenance issues are dealt with promptly and effectively, as they are observed or reported by the Tenant.
  • The property is kept well maintained and that there is a high level of cleanliness at property inspections, and that they quickly follow up any issues with the Tenant.
  • That the Property Manager ensures the property is vacated satisfactorily to a high standard of cleanliness, comparing the property to a comprehensive written condition report and a variety of digital photos taken at the tenancy start.

If you feel your current Property Manager is not providing this service please feel free to contact our team at Connect Realty 0800 333 221. Our business and reputation are built on providing a professional, thorough, and accountable service. If you have a property in Tauranga or other parts of the Bay then we can offer all the management services you need.