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papamoa beach


The official start of Summer is only a week away and once again Tauranga is ready for an eventful summer. October saw the arrival of the first cruise ship to the Bay, and these amazing floating towns will continue to grace our shores until the end of March.  Of course this means more tourists out and about, but it is a great boost to the local economy with many retailers and tourism activities relying on the ship visitors.  It’s also great for tourism as a whole for the Bay, with many people returning to explore our amazing region and some even coming back to live!

Events that are lined up this summer include both weekend and night markets, music festivals, carnivals, triathlons, surf events, Motorsports and more.  If you head the the Bay of Plenty website you will see the range of events that covers nearly everyone in the family – https://www.bayofplentynz.com/events

Summer also means the fantastic beaches of Mount Maunganui and Papamoa will be full of swimmers and surfers.   The sea will be busy with fishermen, yachts, jet skis and tour boats.  The shops and bars will be humming and the atmosphere will be buzzing.  This really is a fantastic place to work and live.

The downside? As we have spoken about in previous blogs, due to the popularity of this region, rental properties are still in short supply (this includes rental properties in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa). We have many fantastic tenants waiting for their ideal home, this includes houses, units and apartments both furnished and unfurnished.

So now is a great time to not only visit Tauranga, but also to invest in property.  The returns on investment are excellent, and with our flat rate Property Management fee we can guarantee what your rental return will be each month.  Furthermore, we have a strict selection process for screening tenants, we have regular comprehensive property inspections, and we use the latest property management software.  So we can guarantee peace of mind as well as a good return.

If you are over here this summer, give Chris and her team a call.  Our expertise includes over 20 years real estate knowledge for the Tauranga area.  We are a privately owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on our fantastic and friendly service.  We can walk you through the steps of what you need to do, including any legal requirements, discuss rental returns, and set you up with the perfect tenants as soon as you’re ready!

Chris Jenkins – 027 443 6152  or freephone 0212 462 525