New Insulation Requirements For Rental Properties

image of wet window for connect realty blog about insulation

New legislation, introduced by the Government in July 2016, requires all residential rental properties in New Zealand to have insulation by July 2019.

The new Residential Tenancy Act regulations will require landlords to install insulation in accordance with the insulation standard NZS 4246.  There will be exemptions, such as where it is physically impractical to retrofit insulation due to limited space underfloor or inaccessible raked ceilings.

Landlords will also be required to provide an ‘Insulation statement’ on any tenancy agreement signed since July 2016.  This statement has to show location, type and condition of insulation in the rental home.  

To clarify, although landlords have until 1 July 2019 to bring all insulation to compliance, from 1 July 2016 ALL NEW tenancies entered into must include the state of the current insulation on the Tenancy Agreement  to help better inform tenants.

Connect Realty are currently in the process of checking the insulation of all our properties, starting with those homes coming up for tenancy renewal and working our way through our entire portfolio.

If you have any questions regarding the new legislation requirements, or if you want to check when we will be assessing your property, call us on 07 213 0826 or email [email protected].


Please note: A ban on retrofitting or replacing foil insulation in residential properties came into force on 1 July 2016 to reduce safety risks associated with installing this product.  Anyone who breaches the ban commits an offence and may be liable to a penalty of up to $200,000.  

Do not touch foil insulation without turning off the power at the mains first as there is an electrocution risk. If you have any doubts, contact a qualified electrician.  If you choose to remove foil insulation, hire a qualified professional.  Anyone who inspects foil insulation even after turning off the power at the mains must proceed with caution as in some instances the foil may still be live.