Preparing Your Rental Property For Tenants

bucket with cleaning items


We have rented some absolutely stunning Tauranga homes over the years, and we pride ourselves on only managing quality properties and fantastic tenants!  One thing we always ensure is that our rental properties are in a great shape before we advertise them.  Of course we can get very fussy on what we consider ‘great shape’, so we have outlined some of the recommendations we make to landlords for getting their rental property looking its best (after all, first impressions count!).

The outside of the property

It may take a day or two to get the outside of your property looking its best, but this is where first impressions are made.  In fact, you will be surprised how many potential tenants judge a house purely by what they see from the road.  So we do recommend giving your house strong street appeal.  Some easy tasks to carry out include:

  • Washing the house down – either water blast or use a hose and brush.
  • Removing cobwebs – these can be a real eye sore.  If they are persistent consider a professional insect spraying company.
  • Mowing the lawns – an obvious job but makes all the difference.
  • Weeding the garden and removing ugly trees that block windows, light and views.

We also recommend washing windows inside and out – for the best result use a commercial window cleaning company, this can also save a lot of time.

The inside of your property

Once a tenant enters your property they want to see it is warm, light and of course clean.  While this may require some good lighting or a fresh paint job, there are some easy tasks that help make your property more attractive:

  • Clean windows, blinds, curtains etc – mouldy windowsills and window covers are a big turn off.  Make sure you check all the windows and if necessary give the windowsill a lick of fresh paint.
  • Carpet clean and floors polished – again we recommend commercial cleaning companies over trying to do this yourself.  This ensures a professional job and better finish.
  • Clean and polish bathrooms – tapware can easily be made to shine with a quick clean and dry and shower doors look so much better when clean and sparkling.
  • Heat pumps cleaned and filter cleaned
  • Fireplace cleaned – use a professional chimney flue cleaner.
  • Heaters dusted and checked.

At Connect Realty we have some fantastic maintenance companies that we regularly use, so once your property is tenanted we ensure it stays in great shape.  Give us a call if you require more assistance 0800 333 221.