Introducing Inspection Manager – A New Way Of Reporting

Connect Realty are proud to introduce a new practice into our existing property management service. We are now using Inspection Manager as part of our service for Landlords.

Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager has been developed to work as part of our existing property inspection process. The integration of Inspection Manager will see our process streamlined further, automating our property and inspection service, and enabling us to update information quickly and easily.

For example, inspections will be done with an iPad or iPhone allowing us to take photos of a property, including any maintenance requirements, these will then be synced to our property management software system on a CMS and used for ongoing routine inspection. Using an iPad or iPhone rather than a camera allows us to add comments to the photos, easily update property layout if there has been alterations, and update any information about the property that may have changed since the last inspection.

All property inspection information will be held on the individual property file in a secure system, allowing easy access, and enabling us to send out routine inspection information by email to the respective owners to give an accurate report on the current condition of their property. This report will include photos of each room in the house as discussed above.

Connect Realty is pleased to be using Inspection Manager as it is making our reporting more detailed, accurate and efficient, and as a result Landlords will receive a more comprehensive and detailed property report.

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