Why Tauranga Rental Properties Are A Great Choice

Nearly every day we read stories about the terrible state of the Auckland property market and the difficult situation tenants find themselves in with rent prices and increases. If you aren’t aware, Auckland is currently undergoing an extreme housing shortage that has resulted in a very unstable market. As a result of the housing shortage there has also been huge increases in rent for tenants, as landlords try to cover larger loans, rate rises, or take advantage of the rental shortage.

Weekly prices for a 3-bedroom home in Auckland have risen by about $60 a week since the beginning of the year, and some tenants are now paying well over $1500 a month for small 1-2 bedroom properties with no parking. The result is tenants having to accept houses that are further out of the city, in poor condition, and away from good school zones.

But while Auckland continues to be the most expensive place to live in New Zealand many landlords and tenants are missing the perfect opportunity to spread their wings and move to a sunnier, more relaxed and more affordable city.

Tauranga is only 2-hours south of Auckland, but a move here feels like a move to a whole new country. While housing shortages and traffic dominate the news in Auckland, we get to enjoy the incredible beaches, scenery, cafes, and lifestyle that the Bay of Plenty has to offer.

For what you pay for a 2-bedroom property in Auckland, you will be able to rent a 4-bedroom house down town at Mount Maunganui or a 3-bedroom house close to the shops, park, beach, and a great school – both with a garage!
A quick look at Trademe or seek and you will see there are hundreds of jobs available in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty, all looking for the right employee.

So don’t waste your time and money renting in Auckland. We urge you to think about a move south. Not only will you save money, but you will also save precious time not being stuck on the Auckland motorway and commuting to and from work each day. At the end of the day you will have more money and more time – resulting in a much happier healthier lifestyle.

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